G’s Mushroom Farm Visit

G's Mushroom Farm Visit

Visit to G’s Mushroom Farm – in all our finery!

We had a fantastic visit to G’s Mushroom Farm on Thursday, 6th June 2019.

It was a really wonderful visit, extremely interesting and G’s made us incredibly welcome.  We went round in two groups, and were fascinated to learn that  the mushroom compost arrives in this country from Belgium, with the mushrooms spores already sown in it.  The mushrooms themselves go through several growing stages and it takes 12 weeks to train the people who hand pick them.

The mushrooms can grow to double their size in 24 hours, so the pickers go over the same areas up to 4 times per day to ensure that they are picked at the optimum size. They produce 148 tons of mushrooms per week. It was very impressive, and everyone really enjoyed the visit very much.  It is interesting that they are STILL talking about it nearly 10 days later.

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